Pedigree for Callin Baton Rouge

Jockey Club Registered Thoroughbred Stallion

                                                             In Reality**
                                                                                           My Dear Girl
                                 Kyle's Our Man*
                                                              Lady Donna
                                                                                            Glorious Spring
Callin Baton Rouge
                                                                                             Seattle Slew***
                                  Helen V.
                                                                                             Silent Screen
                                                              Screen Landing
                                                                                              Lady Summit

*Kyle's Our Man had earnings of over $280,000.
**In Reality had earnings of nearly $800,000.  He is one of the few male descendants of Man O' War.
**Seattle Slew is the only undefeated winner of the Triple Crown with winnings of over 1.2 million.  A legend among the great racehorses.

Seattle Slew

Seattle Slew (dam's side great-grandsire of Callin)

In Reality (grandsire of Callin)

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